Language built…

by Wes Solether


Language built around mythological fights—a knee to the tiger’s ribs.

The difference between epigraph/epigram/epitaph is death.

Clocks stalking as death. A small group of farmers in Illinois losing its religious leaders to clocks following them around since birth.

You can write about going
only on the cusp of

One might find a well-organized star cluster in office windows.
One might find someone looking back at you.

The small bridge
only a creek deserves.

So many names we should know and can’t remember faces.


Wes Solether just moved back from San Francisco to his home state of Illinois to better connect with the corn that raised him. He’s reading Americana by Don DeLillo right now. He’s recently been published in Vector Press, Epigraph Magazine, and ditch.

photo by Ines Sidel